Discovering Excellence: Our Favorite Outdoor Gear Companies

Exploring the world of outdoor gear companies can be a thrilling journey.

The market is full of creators, all forging their own course in this highly competitive atmosphere.

Join us as we dive into the stories of the best outdoor gear companies where their stories are not just about products; they're also about values, sustainability efforts, and commitment to quality craftsmanship.

1. PNWBUSHCRAFT: Handcrafted Outdoor Gear in the Pacific Northwest

If you're into outdoor adventures, then PNWBUSHCRAFT is a brand name to remember. Located in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, PNWBUSHCRAFT is a family-run business specializing in crafting high-quality gear for adventurers.

The beauty of PNWBUSHCRAFT lies not just in their products but also in how they make them. The company sources quality materials from reputable companies across America, ensuring that each piece of equipment stands up against harsh weather conditions while being gentle on our planet.

Sustainability isn't merely an afterthought at PNWBUSHCRAFT; it's woven right into their ethos. They are more than one of the best outdoor brands out there - they're socially-minded stewards who understand that preserving nature starts with responsible manufacturing practices. From sourcing eco-friendly raw materials to implementing green processes during production, every step counts towards minimizing environmental impact.


2. Patagonia: Creating A Legacy

When it comes to the outdoor industry, few brands stand as tall as Patagonia. Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard's love for rock climbing created this brand and has since become a beacon for high quality gear and sustainable practices.

Sustainability isn't just an empty phrase for Patagonia; it's a fundamental element of their philosophy. They've made notable inroads towards reducing their carbon footprint, making them one of the most socially minded outdoor brands around.

In fact, they've gone so far as to impose an "Earth tax" on themselves - 1% of sales are pledged toward preserving and restoring natural environments. And that's not all. Their Worn Wear initiative encourages customers to trade-in used gear instead of buying new ones - talk about walking the sustainability walk.

But wait, there's more. Innovation doesn't stop with programs but extends into materials too. Take, for instance, their Regenerative Organic Certification Pilot Cotton T-Shirt: this little number uses cotton sourced from farms striving towards regenerative organic certification - a farming method aimed at enriching soil health while promoting fair labor conditions— and that's social responsibility for you!


3. Arc'teryx: A Balance Between Quality and Affordability

Outdoor gear is all about balance. Bridging the gap between quality and affordability, Arc'teryx has excelled at providing top-notch technical apparel without compromising on price.

Arc'teryx gear, hailing from Canada, has made its mark in outdoor apparel with its impeccable craftsmanship. One standout feature they've introduced to their line-up is alpine-ready Gore-Tex Pro construction found in many of their jackets.

This technology offers superior waterproofing while maintaining breathability - an essential for unpredictable weather conditions during mountain treks. But it doesn't stop there; durability is also at the forefront thanks to robust face fabrics combined with a tough membrane resulting in resilient yet comfortable gear that's sure to last for a long time.

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4. The North Face: A Must-Have

Their innovative products and adventurous spirit have helped shape what we know as modern-day outdoor gear.

In 1966, two hiking enthusiasts launched The North Face, which has since become synonymous with durable, performance-ready apparel for every outdoors enthusiast. One of their core offerings includes go-to hiking pants designed for comfort under challenging weather conditions thanks to advanced fabric technologies.

A standout product from this brand is the Tsirku Futurelight hardshell jacket - an impressive piece boasting unparalleled protection against harsh elements while maintaining breathability; truly showcasing TNF's commitment towards innovation in the field of outdoor research.


5. Eddie Bauer: A Pioneer in Adventure Gear 

Eddie Bauer, another pioneer in the world of adventure gear, was founded by its namesake founder back in the 1920s who patented his first down jacket, setting new standards within the insulated down jackets category during those times. This tradition continues today with remarkable products like their MicroGravity rain jacket, making notable strides amongst customers due to its great quality and exceptional water resistance combined with lightweight insulation - perfect not just for dedicated mountaineers but also casual hikers who value quality over everything else.


6. REI Co-op: A Leader in Sustainability

REI Co-op offers some of the best products that outdoor enthusiasts trust. They provide a wide range of superior goods, from trekking equipment to outdoor sports apparel, yet what makes them unique is their dedication to sustainability.

REI Co-op stands out as another respected player making substantial strides towards sustainability in the outdoor world. The balance between price-performance ratio with involvement in environmental initiatives solidifies it as more than just an annual revenue generator - it's a steward of nature itself.

Apart from offering high-quality goods like alpine-ready Gore-Tex Pro construction equipment or big mountain-ready hardshell jackets, they invest heavily in conservation programs while educating customers on the responsible use of natural resources during their adventures outside city limits. With such dedication, one thing becomes clear - these companies aren't merely selling us stuff we need for our next trip into the wilderness; rather, they're ensuring there will be wild places left worth exploring tomorrow.


7. Georgia Bushcraft LLC: Your Partner in the Great Outdoors

Get ready to ignite your wilderness spirit with Georgia Bushcraft! Based in the heart of Watkinsville, Georgia, this dynamic outdoor company is a great place for everything related to survival training, backcountry safety tips, and outdoor products. Learn to master the elements with their hands-on courses designed to equip you with essential survival skills. 

With Georgia Bushcraft, you're not just learning – you're living the experience. From fire-starting workshops to their thrilling Spring Campout and fall gathering events, every day is a new adventure. Join their vibrant online community across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube where they share adrenaline-packed activities, detailed gear reviews, and a treasure trove of outdoor education resources. Embrace the wild, learn from the best, and become a part of the Georgia Bushcraft outdoor community today!

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8. Nature Reliance: Get Ready for an Adventure

Unleash your inner adventurer with Nature Reliance! This Kentucky-based company is dedicated to empowering individuals with essential outdoor survival skills. With a robust range of courses covering everything from wilderness navigation to emergency preparedness, Nature Reliance transforms novices into confident wilderness enthusiasts. 

Their expert instructors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every class, ensuring an immersive, hands-on learning environment. But the adventure doesn't stop there! Join their thriving online community for exciting wilderness trips, gear reviews, survival tips, and more.

With Nature Reliance, embark on a journey that goes beyond mere survival – it's about thriving in the great outdoors. Discover your wild side with Nature Reliance and check out their new products!


9. L.T. Wright Knives: A Trusty Companion

Discover the perfect fusion of functionality and craftsmanship with L.T. Wright Knives! Operating out of Wintersville, Ohio, this exceptional company is one of the top picks for handcrafting knives that are both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable. Each knife, meticulously created by skilled artisans, is a testament to the company's dedication to quality, performance, and attention to detail. 

Whether it's for bushcraft, hunting, or daily life, an L.T Wright Knife is more than just a tool - it's a lifelong companion. Their passion for excellence has earned them a revered place in the outdoor and survivalist communities. With an L.T Wright Knife in your hand, you're not just equipped for the wilderness - you're ready to master it.


10. Woodknot Gear: A Great Way to Start the Day Right

Woodknot Gear is another personal favorite! Based out of Oregon City, Oregon, they're not just manufacturers - they're outdoor enthusiasts, full-time RVers, and adventure seekers. Their flagship product, the 750ml Titanium Coffee Press, is a symbol of their love for the outdoors and good coffee. 

This unique piece of gear, complete with a wooden knob and a self-standing bail handle, is crafted from high-quality titanium, making it durable, corrosion-resistant, and perfect for heating directly over a fire. It's lightweight, easily packable, and designed to nest seamlessly with your camping gear. But what truly sets it apart is its ability to brew an excellent cup of fresh-pressed coffee right in the heart of wilderness. 

Alongside this, WoodKnot Gear offers an array of other outdoor accessories like waxed canvas bags, camp kitchen cloths, custom fit insulation coozies, and more. With WoodKnot Gear, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds - the thrill of adventure and the comfort of home-brewed coffee. 


FAQs in Relation to Outdoor Gear Companies


What brands are similar to Wondery?

Brands like Patagonia, Columbia Sportswear, and REI Co-op offer a similar mix of outdoor apparel and gear as Wondery.


What other outdoor clothing and equipment brands come to mind?

The North Face, Eddie Bauer, Arc'teryx, Marmot, and PNWBUSHCRAFT are all well-known for their quality outdoor clothing and equipment.


What brand is REI?

REI stands for Recreational Equipment Inc., an American retail company specializing in outdoor recreation gear. It operates on a co-op model where members receive dividends from profits.


Is REI a good brand?

Absolutely. REI Co-op is respected for its balance between price-performance ratio as well as involvement in environmental initiatives.

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In conclusion, the outdoor companies we've highlighted represent the pinnacle of excellence in the industry. We've journeyed through PNWBUSHCRAFT's commitment to quality and sustainability in handcrafting outdoor gear right here in the Pacific Northwest.

From L.T Wright Knives' handcrafted blades to PNWBUSHCRAFT's commitment to quality and sustainability in handcrafting outdoor gear, these companies embody a shared passion for adventure and a commitment to quality. They don't simply manufacture products; they create tools that enhance our interactions with the natural world, transforming your outdoor adventure into  an unforgettable experience. The dedication, craftsmanship, and innovation displayed by these companies set them apart, making them our top picks in outdoor gear.

Whether it be hiking up a rugged trail or setting up camp under starry skies, equip yourself with the best gear from trusted brands! And the brand that you can rely on is PNWBUSHCRAFT!




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