About Us

PNW BUSHCRAFT was created out of desire and necessity.  We live in the foothills of Mount Baker and our climate of wet and damp is always a challenge for being out in mother nature.
When my husband was looking for gear, he had problems finding items aimed at our particular climate, so he decided to create his own.  He bought a used industrial sewing machine off of craigslist (which needed a complete overhaul and some creative wiring) and started teaching himself how to sew and work with leather.  He had lots of ideas of items he wanted to create.  He worked his ideas over and over until he felt he had something sturdy that could handle our pacific northwest weather.  His items started to get noticed as he shared them on social media and bushcraft forums.  People started to inquire if they were for sale and our business was born.
That is where the company started but before we even put items up for sale, we decided we wanted to have heirloom products.  We wanted our name to have quality and value associated with it.  We wanted to make the best handmade items we could that people would be able to pass onto their children and trust they were getting something well made.  From the beginning we wanted a company to be proud of that the whole family could be involved with.  So, we worked the designs until we were satisfied we could offer an amazing product.  
In 2014 we opened our shop.  I believe we had a couple of handmade items and I added some stock bushcraft photography so the store wouldn’t look too empty.  We only had the equipment, supplies and time to make things in small batches.  I would let my husband know the store was getting empty and could I please have some more inventory.  So, he would head to his shop and start making more things.   Then we got contacted by a local gentleman from the bushcraft forums to make some bags for his handmade folding bucksaws.  Then we ordered more material and my husband recruited my mom and I into the shop to help with cutting the patterns so he could sew them.  Things continued to get busier and he couldn’t keep up with it all himself, so my Mom and I offered to learn how to make some of his items and we took over the sewing.  We purchased a new sewing machine and 50 yards of waxed canvas and we grew
into a three-person team. 
We all have our roles and a lot of our roles overlap. We eventually recruited our boys to be models for our product pictures so now the company is 3 generations strong. 
We hope PNWBushcraft is a recognized name of rugged heirloom gear and great customer service.  We strive to make our customers happy and stand behind our items 100%.  We have the best customers from all over the world and we are fortunate they keep coming back. We use quality materials and quality leather.  We make everything one item at a time here in the USA.  We want people to know what they have is something handmade so each item is unique and made with great care.
Thank you for visiting,
Heather, Todd and Linda


Please contact us at to inquire about custom orders or our wholesale pricing.