Useful and Affordable Gear I have in my PNWBUSHCRAFT Cedar Bucket Bag

Do you have a lot of gear?

Is some of your gear affordable and some of it a little pricier?

My gear goes all over the spectrum of costs.  As I have gotten older I appreciate buying something once and knowing I can depend on it but every once in awhile I come across something affordable if not downright cheap that I really enjoy.

One, because deep down I'm still very thrifty and two, if I want more then one but wont use it very often then I don't want to spend a lot.

I have a couple of kits set up that set up to be my grab and go for the woods and one for my car.  The one for the woods I use all the time and the one in the car is when the urge strikes to have a cup of coffee or a fire by the creek.

In both those bags I keep a bellow stick and a pocket stove that wont break the bank.  At first I was weary of the cheap cost of the stove but it has worked every time and now I have a few of them.


The bellow stick and I started on bad terms but once I used it on my fire I feel in love.  It is so handy and small so I have a few of those too.  It certainly helps blow the coals and not get smoke in your eyes.



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