Mike Mojica and the Innovative Spirit of Outdoor Element

When you meet Mike Mojica, the passion and entrepreneurial drive is obvious. As one of the founders of Outdoor Element, a Colorado-based gear company, Mike is bringing fresh innovation to the outdoor industry. But he's also using his platform to celebrate and uplift other small businesses blazing new trails.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike and his wife at Demo Days last year, and their warmth and enthusiasm for the outdoor community was unmistakable. Outdoor Element's stated mission is "sparking confident outdoor adventure through innovative gear" - and that innovative spirit extends far beyond just their own product line.

On their website, the company highlights two core values beyond just selling gear: Entrepreneurial Support and Community Outreach. For the former, they state: "We celebrate and support small businesses, creating a network of outdoor solutions. We also feel it's important to celebrate and recognize others creating some innovation in our space."

This isn't just lip service. Outdoor Element actively promotes other up-and-coming brands and entrepreneurs advancing the outdoor space. Their site has an "Entrepreneurial Support" page where they spotlight innovative small businesses they admire.

Mike knows firsthand the challenges of starting a company. Before founding Outdoor Element in 2017, he spent years as a mechanical engineer in aerospace and military vehicle manufacturing. While he loved the work, his passion for the outdoors and desire to create ultimately led him to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

"With a leap of faith and the burning American Dream in his soul, he set out determined to deliver unique, novel gear that enhances every outdoor adventure," the company's site states. Mike brought his engineering and design expertise to realize that dream.

But Mike and Outdoor Element also recognize the importance of giving back to protect the outdoor spaces that inspire their products and lifestyle. That's why they partner with environmental non-profits like Wander Project to help preserve public lands. The company also does local outreach in their Colorado community.

In an industry increasingly dominated by huge corporate behemoths, it's refreshing to see a passionate small business like Outdoor Element making its mark through innovation and community support. By uplifting other entrepreneurs, championing environmental causes, and infusing their products with fresh thinking, Mike Mojica and his team are the embodiment of sparking adventure.

We need more businesses like Outdoor Element fostering a spirit of creativity, camaraderie and outdoor stewardship. With entrepreneurs like Mike leading the way, the future of our industry is looking bright. Here's to many more years of novel gear, inspiring adventures, and a tight-knit community spurring each other on to new heights.

We also had the pleasure of chatting with Mike on the Raise the Flag Podcast which you can listen to here.




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