Women in the Wilderness Podcast Interview

I had such a great time chatting with Craig from Nature Reliance School. He is such a wonderfully curious individual who is continually learning growing and pushing himself to be a better person . He enjoys sharing his knowledge with those who want to learn. He is really just a cool guy with a great sense of humor. So check out his classes, his podcasts, his books and his Instagram (which makes me laugh and learn all at the same time) Thank you for having me on!

You can have a listen here!


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  • Two “wish” comments. 1. Wish you stocked the Death Bunny t-shirts as a pocket tee- some of us are pipe smokers and like to carry a pipe tool and a small box of matches in our t-shirt pocket. 2. Wish you had more Death Bunny head beads- would like one to attach to my SAK knife’s bail. Thanks for listening! 🤔

    Howard Lowry

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