Wilderness Survival and Mental Health with Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance School

We had such an amazing chat with Craig about his experiences as a Wilderness Skills Instructor and Author as well as the amazing work he is doing in the realm of mental health for first responders and veterans in conjunction with Camp Hero.

We are also fortunate to have one of our pieces of gear in Craig's newest book coming out called Traditional Bushcraft.

We had the pleasure of meeting Craig the first time when we attended Demo Days in Georgia and absolute love what he is doing and the joy and knowledge he shares about the outdoors.  He also has his own podcast that covers so many interesting topics.  Did I mention he talked about a "brain penis" in our episode.  It just cracked me up but seriously great information.

Tossing around other uses for our tripod chair seat

Enjoying the PNWBUSHCRAFT groundcloth/hammock chair.


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