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“How did you get SO into knives?”


If you had asked me 4 years ago if I thought I’d ever be a knife collector, I’d have laughed in your face!  I used to see guys online drooling over knives, spending big money on knives, buying an excessive number of knives.  I thought “How ridiculous!  I’ll never be so impractical!”  To me, at that time, anything more than 1 or 2 knives was just unnecessary.  Spending more than $100 on a knife was crazy.  They all cut, right?!  What’s the big deal?

knife photo by @thewimpycamper

Photo Credit @TheWimpyCamper

Well, I’m eating my words now.


A lot of people in the online bushcraft community have come to know me as a bit of a knife nut these days.  I now own an excessive number of knives, drool over pictures of knives, and have long wish lists of knives.

Photo Credit @TheWimpyCamper

 Let’s retrace our steps…How did this happen?


It all started with a Mora Companion knife, generously gifted to me by a knife friend named Dan.  I was excited to receive it, because I had heard the brand Mora was a big deal in the world of bushcraft knives.  But when I looked at it, it just looked like a dinky paring knife from the kitchen.  I didn’t know what all the fanfare was about. 


My view on it changed, though, as soon as I took it out into the woods and did fire prep, cut rope, and wore it on my belt.  Suddenly, I felt alive!  This tool on my belt made me feel…dare I say, invincible?!  I can cut stuff!  I can baton stuff!  I can take down trees!  I can make a fire!  I can make a shelter!  I CAN DO ANYTHING!

Photo Credit @TheWimpyCamper

Then, I also began to view custom handcrafted knives as pieces of functional art.  I realized how much skill and artistic talent went into these knives.  I began to appreciate the knowledge and skill it takes to heat treat a blade properly, design a blade and handle, choose an edge geometry and steel type, grind it with precision, and marry all these pieces together to meet the knife’s intended purpose.  It’s an incredible process that, when done well, can produce really well-made, well thought-out tools that will serve you reliably your entire life!

Photo Credit @TheWimpyCamper


Now, 30-some-odd knives later, I can tell you this knife life is a rabbit hole.  There’s always more to learn and more to love.   Be careful how deep you fall!

Photo Credit @TheWimpyCamper

Thank you so much to Michelle @TheWimpyCamper for her guest blog post.  If you want to see more of her amazing adventures (which you do)

you can find her on Facebook and instagram @Thewimpycamper 


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  • I follow Tom Crusier / Cimber Bushcraft… I ordered one of your Ground Clothes last week…received it this Sat. 4-24-21 that is amazingly fast, even for Snail Mail….Thank you for such a quick turn around….I will be ordering the Cimber Tarp in the near future. Thank you for a quality product.

    Gary Kellam

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