The Search is Never Over for Vintage Outdoor Gear

I spend more time digging in antique shops, on websites, and eBay listings. Trying to find that one thing; that one piece of gear that fits. I am an avid collector of outdoor gear and antique hand tools.

vintage axe gear pnw bushcraft

My favorite vintage items to grab are the gear and tools that are just a little worn down and show that they were loved at one time.

Spending the time re-purposing a vintage piece that would have been tossed aside and forgotten is very rewarding. Putting in the time and effort for cleaning and fixing an antique tool...

when using it, it gives that little bit of sentimental value that lets you reminisce about the time repairing it.

The piece of vintage gear holds more value and purpose than some item that you purchased to supply a need. This is outdoor gear that, with a little care and time, you too will be passing down. This could be one of your family members', or the neighbor kid down the street's. The story that goes along with it and how you found this in an old shop and brought it home and made it new again. This sounds so much better than "I just clicked a button and it showed up on my doorstep." You never know you might inspire someone to do the same thing or take a little more care than just throwing it away when it is old. ~TODD 

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