PNWBUSHCRAFT at Demo Days by the Campfire Co-op

Do you ever just feel like you finally landed in the right place at the right time with the right people? 
We do, and it is amazing to be surrounded by such kind and intelligent people.  That's what Demo Days by the Campfire Co-Op is all about for us and our company PNWBUSHCRAFT.  Talk about an amazing group of talented and motivated people in the outdoor community!
There's nothing like getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors to inspire creativity and help you think outside the box. And what better way to do that than with other like-minded business owners who share your passion for adventure, growth and success?
Demo Days was the perfect opportunity to learn from outdoor teachers who helped us improve our skills and expand our knowledge. There's always something new to learn from these talented people and we had so much fun doing it. From a Lost Proofing class by Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance to a foraging class that had us eating dandelions and wild onions by Carleigh Fairchild, there was so much to absorb!
But it's not just about the classes. The gathering also provided a chance to connect with professional content creators and writers who are helping develop our brand and improve our marketing strategies. Whether it's creating captivating social media content or crafting engaging blog posts, our friends are helping take our business to the next level.
There was so many collaborative opportunities.  Learning about new businesses and meeting the people behind them was such a great experience! We look forward to working together with these companies and helping each other grow and reach new audiences. The support and encouragement felt so good and it is wonderful to know we have this huge support network behind our
Photo by Shane Adams
It's not all work and no play - The demo days weekend had a fire challenge, live music, a stellar auction and ever-changing weather.  And I want to shout out the volunteers for the awesome food they put out! We were so well-taken care of that is was hard to leave.
One of the best things was the conversations we had with each other about our struggles and triumphs.  It is great to be amongst so many people who want to help you grow and who are also open to learning from your experiences.  There was so much give and take at this event and I admire the work and talent I was surrounded by.
 We were lucky to learn more about Tuff Possum Gear, Exotac, Outdoor Element, Wazoo, Griffin Pocket Tool, Woods Monkey and L.T.Wright Knives.  These are awesome people doing great things in the outdoor space so check them out.

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  • I wish you were here in Oregon!


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