Malone Knives: Handcrafted in the Heart of Texas

In an age of mass production and outsourcing, it's refreshing to find a company that takes pride in making products the old-fashioned way - with skill, passion, and a commitment to their local community. Malone Knives is one such company, a father-son team forging high-quality blades in the great state of Texas.

What started in 2016 as a hobby for Neal and his son to enjoy together quickly blossomed into something more. As their knives took shape on the workbench, they realized they had tapped into not just a pastime, but a craft worth sharing with the world. By 2017, Malone Knives was born.

Two years later, the father's passion led him to take the leap into making knives full-time. But this is no factory churning out cookie-cutter blades. Each Malone knife is made by hand, with a distinctive touch that makes it one-of-a-kind.

Their process starts by cutting the knife pattern from solid steel plates using a waterjet cutter. But then the real artistry begins. Through meticulous grinding, heat treating, and hand finishing, Neal and his son breathe life into every piece.

As they explain on their website, "No two knives are exactly the same. We strive to put out the best product we can and will never intentionally allow a defective product to leave our shop." Those slight imperfections - blemishes, uneven grinds, or tool markings - are simply the natural signatures of the human hand that crafted the blade.

The Malone line includes the compact "Wingman," the versatile "Kephart, "Nessmuk", Outlaw and Rambler to just name a few.

In a world of outside manufacturing and detached corporate models, Malone Knives reminds us of the value of community-oriented businesses and American craftsmanship. They are living proof that taking the time to do something right and do it yourself can result in products with far more character, quality, and soul.

We're proud to be listed as a trusted brand on the Malone Knives website. Here's to many more years of this incredible father-son partnership forging steel - and strengthening bonds - and upholding the principles of handcrafted, localized production.

We look forward to seeing them in person again and spending time around the campfire.

Check them out at   and you can follow them on Instagram @MaloneKnives

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