10+ Camping Gear Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you’re familiar with PNWBUSHCRAFT, you’ll know that we love to celebrate the art of living in nature. We also know that shopping for camping gear gift ideas can be overwhelming, with countless options available. 

That's why we've put together this comprehensive guide featuring a selection of thoughtful and practical gift ideas that will delight any camping enthusiast friend or family member. Whether you're looking for gear to enhance their camping (or glamping) experience or tools for their next bushcraft adventure, we've got you covered for your next camping trip.

From essential items like easy storage bags and efficient cookware to comfortable relaxation items like hammocks and outdoor blankets, this list covers a range of awesome camping gifts that outdoor lovers are sure to enjoy.

Whether they're an experienced camper or just starting out exploring nature's wonders, these gifts will delight any camper on your list.

Let’s dive in!

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Gifts for Organizing Camping Gear

Camping gear can easily become disorganized and cluttered if not stored properly. To help your camping enthusiast friends and family members keep their gear organized, here a few gift ideas that are perfect for organizing camping gear. 


1. Cedar Bucket Bag with Outside Pockets

The Cedar Bucket Bag from PNWBUSHCRAFT is an incredible camping gear storage solution because of its versatility and durability. Made from eco-friendly waxed canvas, it features plenty of room for your essentials as well as outside pockets for easy organization. 

Its high-quality craftsmanship and the 5 different sizes available make it perfect for camping trips or any outdoor adventure. Plus, the waxed canvas material is specially treated to withstand the elements, and over time it develops a beautifully worn look that's uniquely yours, making it a great gift for anyone who loves both form and function. In a nutshell, this bag is a practical and stylish gift for campers, hikers, backpackers, and anyone who loves exploring the great outdoors.






Maple Waxed Canvas Pocketknife Roll Up


This Pocketknife Roll Up from PNWBUSHCRAFT is an ideal gift for camp life as it offers a safe and secure place to store all of your pocket knives. Also made from high-quality waxed canvas, this roll-up features a variety of pocket sizes to accommodate different knife sizes and styles. 

The sturdy Kodiak leather lace keeps everything securely in place when rolled up, while the compact size makes it easy to pack and transport. This roll-up is one of the best camping gifts and it’s perfect for campers who also consider themselves hunters, fisherman, hikers, backpackers, or anyone else who needs easy access to their trusty knives.




3. Rugged Waxed Canvas Foraging Pouch, Hip Bag

The Rugged Waxed Canvas Foraging Pouch from PNWBUSHCRAFT is a great gift idea for camping lovers who love to explore nature and gather wild edibles. Made from high-quality waxed canvas, this pouch is both durable and water-resistant. 

With its rugged design and practical functionality, this hip bag is both convenient and stylish, making it perfect for foragers and anyone who loves going on outdoor adventures while camping. 



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Essential Camping Gear Gifts

Camping enthusiasts know that having the right gear is essential for a successful trip. If you're looking for a gift for your outdoorsy friends or family members, consider giving them gear that they can use on their next camping adventure. 




4. L.T. Wright Handcrafted Bushcraft Knife

The L.T. Wright Handcrafted Bushcraft Knife is an exceptional gift idea for any camping enthusiast. Made from high-quality materials like A2 tool steel and micarta handles, this knife is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Its razor-sharp edge and versatile design make it the best for everything from food preparation to shelter building to everyday use.  

The handcrafted nature of this knife also adds a touch of artistry to its functionality, making it both beautiful and practical. Plus, you can pair it with a handcrafted Pocketknife Bag in Waxed Canvas or even the Birch Waxed Canvas Knife Roll Up from PNWBUSHCRAFT for an extra special gift. 

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5. Wazoo Cache Cap - 6 Hidden Pockets for Emergency Cash, Documents, Keys, and Tools

The Wazoo Cache Cap is a great camping gift for any camping enthusiasts who want to keep their valuables safe and secure while exploring the great outdoors. With six hidden pockets, this cap is perfect for storing emergency cash, documents, keys, and small items. Made from high-quality materials, it's both durable and comfortable to wear. 

The cap's hidden pockets are cleverly designed to be discreet yet accessible, making it a must-have accessory for your next trip. Give the gift of peace of mind with the Wazoo Cache Cap and ensure your loved ones have a reliable place to keep their important belongings while they're out in the wild.

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6. Überleben Zünden Fire Starter

This fire starter is one of the best gift ideas for campers who need a reliable tool to start fires while out in nature. Made from high-quality materials, this fire starter is compact and lightweight, making it a great option to pack and transport. Plus, its unique design allows for natural tinder to be used, eliminating the need for chemicals or accelerants. 

With up to 12,000 strikes, this fire starter is sure to last for many camping trips to come. It's one of the most practical gifts for anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors

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7. Essential Wilderness Navigation: A Real-World Guide to Finding Your Way Safely in the Woods With or Without A Map, Compass or GPS 

For those looking to learn more about lost proofing in the woods, this handy guide by Craig Caudill provides a real-world approach to finding your way safely in the woods, making it an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast.

Whether your loved one is a seasoned hiker or just starting out, they'll appreciate the valuable tips and techniques for navigating the wilderness that this book offers. Giving this guide is giving the gift of knowledge and confidence on their next camping trip.

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Camp Cooking Gift Ideas

The best part of camping is cooking and enjoying delicious meals out in the wild. If you have a friend or family member who loves to cook while camping, why not give them a gift that will enhance their outdoor culinary skills? 



8. Überleben Kessel Bushcraft Pot with Canvas Bag

This bushcraft cooking pot should definitely be included on your gift list! Made from high-quality stainless steel, this pot is very durable and will last for years to come. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to pack and take to your road trips, while its canvas bag provides added protection during travel. 

With a capacity of 1 liter, this pot is perfect for boiling water, cooking meals, and more. Pair this one with a portable propane camp stove and you're good to go!

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9. Heavy Cover Titanium Spork Multi-Tool

This Spork Multi-Tool is among the best cool gifts for campers who want a versatile and durable eating utensil. Made from high-grade titanium, it’s lightweight, rust-resistant, built to last, and just the right size for any backpack or bag. Its unique design includes a serrated knife edge, bottle opener, and can opener, making it a very useful multi-functional tool.

This spork is perfect for any outdoor activity, whether camping, hiking, backpacking, or picnicking. Plus, you can pair this tool with the sturdy waxed canvas Tall Spork Bag from PNWBUSHCRAFT for an extra thoughtful gift.

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10. The Campout Cookbook: Inspired Recipes for Cooking Around the Fire and Under the Stars

This camping cookbook is a fantastic gift idea for campers who love good food cooked over an open flame. Written by Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson, this camping companion features dozens of recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious to eat. 

From breakfast burritos to skillet cornbread, this cookbook provides a range of dishes that are perfect for cooking around the campfire or on a portable stove. Plus, it also includes tips for planning menus, packing ingredients, and storing food safely in the wilderness.

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Comforts for Rest and Relaxation

After a long day of hiking and exploring, it's essential to have a comfortable spot to rest and relax. So, sit back, relax, and browse through these comfort-focused gift ideas that are perfect for anyone who loves spending time in nature.



11. Camping Hammock with Tree Straps

This durable hammock with tree straps is among the best camping gear for anyone who loves roughing it outdoors. Made from high-quality nylon, this hammock is both strong and comfortable to use. Its lightweight design and compact size make it easy to pack and carry, while its tree straps allow for easy setup and takedown. Give the gift of relaxation and comfort with this hammock and your loved ones will have a cozy and inviting place to unwind after a long day of outdoor fun.

A great addition to this camping gear gift is the Charlotte's Webbing Camp Organizer. This 12' of webbing made from recycled plastics is a fabulous addition to any hammock set up. It adds a ridgeline right alongside your hammock where you can hang all your items, that way they don't disappear in the folds of your hammock.

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12. Warm, Woolly Mammoth Merino Wool Blanket

This comfortable outdoor blanket is a great gift idea for any camping enthusiast who wants to stay cozy and warm during cold weather or chilly nights. Made from 80% merino wool using a twill weave for enhanced durability, this blanket is made to stay comfortable while surviving the elements. Its wool design ensures maximum warmth that's built to last.

Whether you're snuggling up around the campfire or sleeping under the stars, this blanket provides the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Give the gift of warmth and relaxation with this wool blanket and make your loved ones' outdoor experiences even more enjoyable.

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In conclusion, finding practical and unique camping gifts for outdoor enthusiasts can be a breeze when you focus on their passions and interests. From essential camping gear to items that enhance comfort and relaxation, there's something out there for every camper on your list. 

By choosing practical and thoughtful camping gear gift ideas, you'll not only support their love for the great outdoors but also create memorable experiences that they'll cherish for years to come. 

So, go ahead and surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift and watch their faces light up as they embark on their next camping adventure. 

Happy gifting!



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