Bushcraft Camp Challege Idea #bushcraftcampchallenge

I love seeing pictures of camps set up.  I find it interesting to see what tent or tarp they use or where they placed the fire.  What kind of gear did they bring along?  Did they set up by a stream or lake?  They are so many decisions being made when you decide to set up, so I thought it would be really fun to see before and after set ups.  We get to see a lot of pictures of a finished camp but I thought it would be very interesting to see some pictures before nature was turned into your living space for the day

So I started the hastag #bushcraftcampchallenge and made a reel on Instagram with a before and after camp set up @PNWBUSHCRAFTSHOP
I tagged a few outdoor friends and they accepted the challenge.
I think this challenge would be fun for everyone so if you are out and about setting up camp take a photo or video of your before and one after.
Then share it on Instagram or Facebook so we can check it out.

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