Buffalo Plaid Outdoor Bushcraft Gear by PNWBUSHCRAFT

I don’t know why I get so excited about new fabric, but I do.  I usually continue to watch when the tracking says it’s going to show up so I can open it right away.  Some people get excited about new electronics or new toys but not me, I get excited about my fabric deliveries.  I usually feed my obsession with fabric by finding great vintage wool plaid but when we came across this waxed canvas (my favorite material to work with) in buffalo plaid I knew I had to make a whole collection of items with it.

It just reminds me of my Dad and Grandpa working outside in cold weather.  I can picture wood being chopped and adventures being planned. I guess the buffalo plaid is very nostalgic for me. 

We have taken our most popular designs and created each one in buffalo plaid waxed canvas for a limited edition of outdoor bushcraft gear. 

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