Rugged Brown Waxed Canvas Bag with Reinforced Bottom *Special*
Rugged Brown Waxed Canvas Bag with Reinforced Bottom *Special*
Rugged Brown Waxed Canvas Bag with Reinforced Bottom *Special*

Rugged Brown Waxed Canvas Bag with Reinforced Bottom *Special*

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Unleash the spirit of the great outdoors with our robust 7" wide by 14" deep 10.1 oz brown Waxed Canvas Bag. Crafted for durability and designed for exploration, this bag is a great addition to your kit. Reinforced with a double-layered bottom, it's built to withstand the toughest terrains and weather conditions.  

Here are just a few ideas of what could go in your bag.

Firecraft Arsenal: Transform your bag into a portable fire kit. Pack waterproof matches, a fire starter, and dry tinder to ensure you can kindle a flame anywhere in the great outdoors.

Edible Plant Foraging Pouch: Utilize your bag to gather and store edible plants during your bushcraft excursions. Its compact size encourages responsible foraging without overharvesting.

Primitive Tool Carrier: Safely transport essential bushcraft tools, such as a folding saw, knife, and multitool, in the reinforced confines of your waxed canvas bag.

Water Filtration Hub: Convert your bag into a makeshift water filtration system by using it to carry a compact water filter, purification tablets, and a collapsible water container.

Natural Cordage Storage: Collect and store natural cordage materials like vines, fibers, or plant-based materials in your bag, turning it into a convenient hub for creating essential bushcraft cordage.

Survival Shelter Essentials: Pack the necessary components for constructing a makeshift shelter. Include a tarp, paracord, and small stakes in your bag for quick and efficient shelter building.

Woodcraft Kit Holder: Keep your carving tools, small saws, and whittling supplies organized in your waxed canvas bag, transforming it into a mobile woodcraft kit for on-the-go projects.

Navigation Stash: Safeguard your navigation essentials, such as a compass, map, and signaling devices, within the confines of your bag for easy access during bushcraft expeditions.

Wildlife Observation Kit: Equip your bag with a compact pair of binoculars, a wildlife identification guide, and a small notepad for recording observations during your outdoor adventures.

Emergency First Aid Station: Convert your bag into a compact first aidstation by storing essential medical supplies, including bandages, antiseptic wipes, and basic medications, ensuring you're prepared for unexpected situations in the wilderness.

The waxed canvas used on the product is made using a specialized process that was created in the 1800s. Martexin Original Wax has a superior finish that is made with an environmentally friendly blend of waxes that is non-hazardous. This fabric process creates a lifelong resistance to weather and it will develop a beautifully worn look. The 100 % cotton fabric will show scratches and become distressed but will continue to look better over time as it develops its own patina. 


Care Instructions:
Wash with damp cloth or hose
Do Not use soap
Do Not machine wash
Do Not dry clean

Each bag is designed, created and assembled in our small shop in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. No two bags are exactly alike but all are made with great care and the intent that the item will be with you for a long time. We value traditional skills and a beautiful handmade product. Our goal is to create items you can pass down to your children. We value each customer and want them to be 100% satisfied. We are building a tradition of quality handmade goods brought to you, from our family to yours.

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Fits my ridge line, bank line and tent stake for my taper perfectly. Very happy