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Tiny Pocketknife Bag Slip in Waxed Canvas
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waxed canvas knife bag PNWBUSHCRAFT
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Tiny Pocketknife Bag Slip in Waxed Canvas

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Tiny Sleeves to keep your Pocketknife Happy

These bags are made of 10.1 oz waxed canvas cloth which holds up great in the elements.   They are 2" wide by 4" deep and have space inside of 1.75 wide by 4" deep.  The largest pocketknife I got to fit was 2.75" around and 3.75" tall.

This was created to be a fun way to store your pocketknife.  They are made with all waxed canvas or waxed canvas and vintage wool.  The slips are a great way to store your pocketknife.  They also work great for lighters and chapstick too.

Pocketknives not included.


The waxed canvas used on the product is made using a specialized process that was created in the 1800s. Martexin Original Wax has a superior finish that is made with an environmentally friendly blend of waxes that is non-hazardous. This fabric process creates a lifelong resistance to weather and it will develop a beautifully worn look. The 100 % cotton fabric will show scratches and become distressed but will continue to look better over time as it develops its own patina. 

 Please Note: You will only be receiving the bag of your choice.  No pocketknives are included with the purchase.

Care Instructions:
Wash with a damp cloth or hose
Do Not use soap
Do Not machine wash
Do Not dry clean

Each bag is designed, created, and assembled in our small shop in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. No two bags are exactly alike but all are made with great care and the intent that the item will be with you for a long time. We value traditional skills and beautiful handmade products. Our goal is to create items you can pass down to your children. We value each customer and want them to be 100% satisfied. We are building a tradition of quality handmade goods brought to you, from our family to yours.

Customer Reviews

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Steven L. -Ohio
A Bic lighter’s best friend.

I own several of these. They’re perfect for storing my Bic lighter, which I used to keep in my front pocket, always wondering how much fuel was accidentally being leaked out tumbling around loosely in my pocket. Now my Bic lighter has a proper place in which to prevent fuel leaks. Problem now solved. I highly recommend you try it. The sleeve also works great as a pocket knife pouch….prevents your knife from getting all nicked up from coins or keys. Buy one, you won’t regret it. -Steve, Ohio

Justin Bohnett
Exactly what I was looking for...

I bought Victorinox Alox Farmers for my groomsmen when I was married in 2017. After 6 years of daily carry my knife was starting to get beat up. The PNW slip does a great job of protecting my knife without adding any weight or bulk. The grommet for a lanyard was a really nice finishing touch.


Fits a variety of pocket knives from the Victorinox Bantam, Sportsman, pioneer, to larger knives like the Kershaw Federalist and even a GEC Northfield UN-X-LD Moose.
Great protection in the pocket against other objects rubbing. Just know that if it is turned upside down there is a good chance that your knife will slide out. Just don’t hold it upside down and you’re good to go. 😉
Love the orange waxed canvas material.

Matt Stout
Perfect for any pocket knife

The pnw Bushcraft knife slip, is the accessory that has been missing from your pocket knife. This knife slipped, is the perfect way to keep your favorite EDC knife from getting scratched, and it helps keep the knife clean, and safe in your pocket on a daily basis. The bright colors help to find it in the bottom of your pocket backpack or bag. The waxed cotton canvas also feels great in the hand. As always pnw Bushcraft came through, with the perfect product, but you didn't know you needed, but you're glad you have. The construction of this lip is done with care love and attention every step of the way. This knife slip is an heirloom quality product. As far as I'm concerned pnw Bushcraft is right up there with filson, when it comes to Pacific Northwest heritage brands.

Ryan Mattheis
Excellent Product

Extremely well made, beautiful and durable product. I recommend this to anyone.